Te Taitoa Māori o Te Awahou Trust

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The Piriharakeke Generation Inspiration Centre was developed and is owned and managed by the Te Taitoa Māori o te Awahou Trust.

The trust actively participates in the Te Awahou Nieuwe Stroom partnership with the Oranjehof Dutch Connection Trust and Horowhenua District Council.

One of its key objectives is to celebrate and share Ngāti Raukawa ki te Tonga culture and identity with visitors. The aim is to create wider awareness and provide rangatahi with educational and economic opportunities.

A brief history

The trust emerged in 2007 after the successful exhibition of the life and work of Rangimahora Reihana-Mete, a renowned weaver of the region. It was formalised in 2010, and its name refers to the strengthening of Māori influence in Te Awahou Foxton.

Te Taitoa Māori o Te Awahou Trust promotes the aspirations of Ngāti Raukawa ki te Tonga hapū and the local Māori community.

Numerous benefits will flow from the strong presence of Piriharakeke – together with the Whare Manaaki carving workshop – in the cultural heart of Te Awahou Foxton.