Oranjehof - Dutch Connection Trust

Image of bicycles and language walls inside Oranjehof.

Over the last 60 years or so, Dutch immigrants and their families have made a real contribution to New Zealand’s culture and business. But that story has never really been told.

With the Oranjehof museum, we’ve created a place that puts us back on the pages of history.

Our visitors create their own connections – between people, nations and cultures. And we invite you to find or re-discover your links with the Netherlands, and those Dutch Kiwis that settled all over the place, from Kaitaia to the Bluff.

With Oranjehof we all now have a centre to show and celebrate what we have achieved in innovation and art – with lots of hard work and clever-clog smart thinking. Come and join us, in a journey of discovery.

Aims of the Trust

Oranjehof tells the stories of Dutch New Zealanders and preserves the Dutch immigrants’ cultural heritage. The centre will be a source of inspiration for enhanced collaboration and inspiration. It will spark opportunities, sharing and understanding through vibrant, rich connections between:

  • the Nederlanders in New Zealand; 
  • the past, present and future; and
  • New Zealand and Nederland.