‘Funky Foxton’ painting sells at surprise price in popular auction

Published on October 20, 2021

Winning bidder Alan Ball and Anita Goode.

The auction of a pop-art painting by Zane Goode reached $3,000 last weekend, surprising the punters in Te Awahou Foxton. And with a four-year-old as the Auction Master wielding the hammer – to conclude the sale of the colourful and fantastical painting – there were plenty of laughs, tension and some tears.

The fun auction took place in Te Awahou Nieuwe Stroom, as part of the Manawatū Art Trail.

After the master of ceremony yelled out “Going once, going twice…,” little Manaia Hari yelled “Sold”, and let his miniature wooden hammer come down on the auction stand.

“I just loved that painting of Foxton, and simply had to have it,” says Alan Ball, owner of the Sweet Dreams Bakery and Café who won the bidding. “It’s so colourful and just catches that lovely heritage feel of all the quirky old buildings here. It is ageless, and we will cherish it for a long time to come.”

All the other bidders were equally complimentary about the painting. The bottle of Foxton Fizz floating in the river had humoresque appeal to some. Others reflected on the cheerful colours. And one bidder called in by phone all the way from London, as he had grown up in the classic Foxton Racing Club building and wanted the painting to remind him of home. His niece placed the bids for him, and was tearful as she talked about childhood memories and the church in which her mother got married.;

The proceeds of the auction will go to the Health Shuttle, run by the Foxton Beach Community Centre.

“We preferred the money to go to one of the many great community initiatives in Foxton and the Beach,” says Anita Goode, Zane’s partner. “So many people contribute to everybody’s wellbeing here in town. We want to help with that.”

The Manawatū Art Trail ran all weekend, with six artists displaying and selling their works at Te Awahou Nieuwe Stroom. They are all part of the local Artitude group, who invite others to join them on Tuesdays for their creative art sessions.  

“This was a fun way to attract visitors to come and meet us,” says Jill Hammond from Artitude. “We had buyers from as far as Wellington. And we couldn’t believe it, once the bids went up all the way to $3,000. It was tense, and it’s a fantastic result. For next year we’ll have to think of something even more exciting to draw in the crowds. We’re all very creative, so we’ll have fun playing around with those ideas!”